EMP body styling & muscle training (Armstrong®)


Muscle training undoubtedly makes a positive contribution to our physical fitness - but the considerable effort and time involved mean that weight training is not universally popular. That is why the training using electromyostimulation (EMS) however, a large active component is still required. The new technology of magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) changes this, because with MMS you can create a targeted muscle training comfortably and effortlessly complete. The EMP body styling & muscle training using ARMSTRONG® is carried out lying down and enables stimulation of the muscle tissue of the arms, stomach, legs or bottom.

More information on EMP body styling & muscle training (Armstrong®)

The benefits for your body


Building muscle mass


Fat loss through higher energy consumption and heat


Strengthening for everyday activities


Avoiding injuries


Achieving the desired body shape through fat reduction and muscle building


An MMS session with the ARMSTRONG® lasts about half an hour and is repeated three times at intervals of a few days. The training has no negative impact on everyday life or your own exercise routine. Sports can and should be practiced normally between treatments. The final result is achieved after around 6 to 8 weeks. To support and maintain the effect in the long term, a high-protein diet and plenty of exercise in your free time are recommended. Alternatively, the treatment can also be repeated at a later date.