Medical area

Welcome to the Medical Area - where medicine, prevention and wellness come together in innovative ways to maximise your health.

The Medical Area includes our Diagnostics offerings consisting of orthomolecular whole blood analyses and tailored to your needs. We also guarantee the highest quality through our close partnership with the renowned laboratory GanzImmun.

Furthermore, we also offer powerInfusions that strengthen your vitality and supply your body with important nutrients. Our infusion therapies are designed to support your health from the inside out.


Recently, you will also find our partner VIVAMAYR in the BIOGENA PLAZA Medical Area in Vienna. This collaboration allows us to create synergies by combining two medical concepts.

The VIVAMAYR Health Concept is a combination of traditional diagnostics and therapy according to Dr. F. X. Mayr and the most modern complementary medicine methods - with the intestine at the centre of health.

With the location in Vienna, there is now the possibility of carrying out individual aspects of the famous VIVAMAYR cure in our BIOGENA PLAZA.