Medical Beauty

Medical Beauty - the key to Inner Glow & Better Aging at the BIOGENA PLAZA Opera. Immerse yourself in a relaxed premium atmosphere where your beauty and well-being take center stage with complete discretion. Our innovative approach focuses on helping you look as radiant as you feel. We place particular emphasis on emphasizing your natural glow and enhancing individual features, especially in the face and décolleté area, according to your needs.

We focus on individual needs. Through targeted medical-oriented beauty treatments and techniques from our on-site medical beauty expert, we not only improve the external appearance, but also strengthen the self-care moment.


What to expect

Choose from our medical beauty treatments and enjoy tailor-made beauty treatments that are specifically tailored to your skin needs - a detailed facial analysis is the starting point of your BIOGENA PLAZA beauty journey at your request.

Experience the latest advances in medical beauty care with cutting-edge treatments such as mesoéclat® Hollywood lifting or medical microneedling with IONTO-SONO therapy and innovative treatments such as PRP/vampire lifting or Botox. Achieve a radiant appearance while we emphasize your natural beauty.

Our experienced medical beauty expert will be happy to provide you with the best recommendations for your skin health and beauty: for targeted support of skin impurities, e.g. via herbal peel treatments or Bye Bye pimple treatments or specific skin diseases via e.g. md:TranexTM Retipeel (2-phase peeling) as well as in terms of Better & Anti Aging via collagen thread lifting or individual laser treatments for skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Experience long-term improvements to your skin structure and health with our sustainable beauty programs and treatments (packages can be booked). Discover our holistic approach to beauty, which takes into account not only external beauty but also inner well-being by combining it with our Medical & Diagnostics Area and our BIOGENA Biohacking Area (especially Red Light Treatment, Cryo-Treatment, Lymphatic Drainage & Compression Training).

Our exclusive signature beauty treatment offers a revolutionary approach to your beauty. This innovative technique combines medical precision with natural healing processes. Using the body's own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP), regenerative powers are activated to improve skin texture and stimulate collagen production. The result is a rejuvenated, radiant complexion with minimal downtime and maximum effect. Immerse yourself in the world of timeless radiance and experience the ultimate beauty treatment with our Vampire Lifting/PRP, which will take your natural beauty to a new level.

A treatment with impressive results that is very popular and well-known. Smooth out your wrinkles and give your face a radiant, youthful appearance and benefit from a fresh and rejuvenated look. In our medical beauty area, we offer Botox treatments for one zone as an eyebrow lift, for two zones as a frown line/forehead lift or for three zones as a frown line/forehead and eye area lift.

Inner Glow & Better Aging. Experience with us the possibilities of maximizing your radiance and strengthening your skin so that your lifestyle becomes less visible.