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Individual needs count. Diagnostics is more than just a medical analysis - it is the key to taking your well-being to a whole new level. With the help of state-of-the-art whole blood analyses we are able to take a look inside you to gain a precise insight into your body and identify your personal needs. Often it takes more than just one point of view and it is precisely this expertise that our doctors bring to the table. Away from standard results and towards individual solutions.


Comprehensive diagnostic services (with clear parameters on site) target your personal concerns - be it supporting your high-performance, gut health, skin, hair, nails or regeneration.


Your goal is to know your own values, to identify possible nutrient deficiencies and thus to take active and early enough targeted measures to optimise your health. As far as our diagnostic offers are concerned, we have trusted the know-how of the specialist diagnostic laboratory GANZIMMUN Diagnostics GmbH for more than a decade.

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It's that easy:


15-minute information session with a doctor or book an appointment directly for blood sampling.


Blood sample taken on site at the BIOGENA PLAZA of your choice


Sample analysis by the medical laboratory


Individual test results including discussion of findings in the Medical Area of the BIOGENA PLAZA

You have your health in your own hands. Find out what your body needs. Book an appointment for a BIOGENA Diagnostics® Point Test now.


Our doctors await you with state-of-the-art medicine, with modern preventive offers tailored to your personal lifestyle and individual, orthomolecular medical therapy support. They are holistically integrated into the overall offer of the first day spa for medical wellness. Benefit from the comfort of the versatile expertise on site.

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