Cryo Treatment

A few minutes in the modern BIOGENA Plaza cold chamber are enough to enjoy and exploit a whole spectrum of benefits. The scientific data is clear. The treatment, also known as an ice sauna, is considered to be cellular and immune boosting properties considered. Regular use of the cold chamber increases blood circulation, which in the case of pain, fat reduction, activation of cell metabolism, in the inflammatory process among others, in rheumatism and arthrosis patients, but also in the optimisation desire of the skin appearance and in skin problems .plays a major role.

Mehr Infos zum Kryo Treatment

The benefits for your body


Lose weight

Increase calories for up to 6 hours



Reduction of inflammation


Immune system

Strengthening the defences



Optimisation of cells and skin texture



Stress reduction and better sleep quality


You know the effect of a cool pack on swellings or haematomas (bruises). A similar principle applies in the cold chamber. At -110 °C, swelling and inflammation in the joints subside, so the pain is reducedDue to the reduction of inflammation and pain, one can move more "normally" again afterwards and thus the cause of the problem can be solved. Especially rheumatism, arthrosis and arthritis patients are prescribed cryochamber treatments during spa stays.

Our skin functions as a thermostat. If the outside temperature drops to -110 °C, as in the cold chamber, our organism receives the information to increase the core temperature in order to protect the important organs such as the heart and lungs. This process of warming up requires energy and thus burns calories. Even more important than the direct "afterburn effect" is the transformation from white to brown adipose tissue. Brown adipose tissue has a strong blood supply, many mitochondria (cellular power plants) and can warm us up. This fatty tissue therefore burns more calories overall and at the same time reduces the inflammatory and harmful white fatty tissue.

Cold is regularly used by dermatologists. Our skin has the ability to renew itself, and cold can greatly assist this process. At the same time cold leads to an increase in collagen production in the body, so that the skin not only becomes newer, but also fresher. Areas of application are, for example, the reduction of wrinkles or psoriasis or neurodermatitis.

The application of the cold chamber in the first half of the day leads to a strong increase in core temperature, as our organism tries to compensate for the drop in temperature. Our day-night rhythm is strongly related to our core temperature, which rises early in the morning and falls during the day to its absolute minimum at night. This process can be supported by external influences such as an ice sauna until early afternoon and a normal sauna in the evening. At the same time, the cold helps to reduce stress hormones in the body, so that the sleep hormone melatonin can be produced more easily in the evening, and you thus fall asleep and stay asleep better.

3-minute therapy

3 minutes at -110 °C are offered in various packages and subscription models. Regularity of use is a decisive factor for your personal long-lasting success.


When you come to see us for the first time, we start with a short medical history to assess your goals and health status. This enables us to provide you with ideal advice and guidance during your cryotherapy session. Then we go into the cold chamber for 3 minutes at -110°C. A trained health coach is always presentto ensure safety at all times.

You should plan  for a total of about 15 minutes at the BIOGENA PLAZA. At the first appointment, a small health check is carried out in advance, so this appointment takes about 30 minutes.

The cold chamber is entered wearing underwear or swimwear . Headband, gloves and socks are provided on site or can be brought along. Although -110 °C degrees sounds extreme, cryotherapy is manageable for everyone. Cryotherapy is not suitable for patients with vascular diseases, pacemakers or with uncontrolled high blood pressure. However, the patient's state of health will be clarified before the cryotherapy treatment anyway.


The frequency of cryo treatments depends on the goal of the therapy. Pain patients with diseases such as rheumatism. Arthrosis, arthritis and inflammatory joint diseases are 2 - 3 treatments per week are recommended. If you would like to increase your immune system, achieve a better skin appearance or improve sleep and regeneration, 1 -2 cold chamber treatments per week are recommended.

Patients feel improvements immediately after one application. Regularity leads to significant improvements. Cryotherapy should be carried out for at least 1 - 2 months, clothing.

After the cryo-treatment you are immediately ready to continue your everyday life as usual. Many patients feel an energy kick after a treatment. We recommend drinking plenty of fluids as the cold makes you easily dehydrated.


In addition to countless feedbacks from our clients and patients, there are also numerous scientific studies on the topic of cold exposure. This form of therapy has long been used in competitive sports. But also renowned longevity researchers like Stanford Prof. Huberman and Prof. Sinclair rely on cold to increase our performance. The basic principle behind all these studies is called "hormesis or adaptive response" and refers to the phenomenon that small doses of harmful or toxic substances and stress-inducing environmental factors can have a positive effect on organisms. In this case, cold briefly causes stress to the organism, so that adaptations take place afterwards.

Cryo-treatment is not suitable under certain conditions:

• No use of subcutaneous medical devices (e.g., pacemakers).
• No thrombosis or phlebitis
• No cold allergy, COPD, respiratory distress or Raynaud's disease
• No heart disease (high blood pressure 160/100) or previous stroke
• No nerve disorders e.g., polyneuropathy, epilepsy
• Not currently pregnant
• No current strain on the immune system: flu, virus etc.
• No kidney or urinary tract diseases
• No debilitating diseases such as tumors, tuberculosis, anorexia, recent surgery, etc.
• Headband, gloves, socks and face mask are compulsory, we provide these free of charge on site.
• No wet skin, hearing aids, glasses, watches or jewelry on the body (deviation from this at your own risk).

Please simply click on Appointment booking and choose your desired date. The half-price introductory offer can be booked once per person. Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased on site at even better conditions.