Metabolic Air® metabolic training (IHHT)

The Metabolic Air® metabolic training (IHHT) involves withdrawing oxygen from the body at defined intervals (hypoxia) and supplying more (hyperoxia). This process promotes cell regeneration, with the mitochondriain particular, which are considered the power plants and fat-burning furnaces of our cells, responding positively to these stimuli. The effects have been researched: performance enhancement (for example in sports), improvement of respiratory performance, cell metabolism, wound healing, vascular tone, energy supply of the liver up to normalisation of blood pressure and reduction of stress hormones.

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Metabolic syndrome

Optimisation of fat metabolism, especially for weight reduction and support in type II diabetes


Vascular health

Improvement of microcirculation, formation of new vessels and support in regulating blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Lung health

Support for limited lung functionality such as asthma or COPD.



Optimisation of energy supply in cases of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), burn-out and depression.


Performance enhancement

Increased oxygen supply to the muscles leads to improved endurance performance.

Most modern form of therapy

Developed and manufactured in Germany, the high-tech MITOVIT® hypoxic training device offers interval hypoxia-normoxia, interval hypoxia-hyperoxia, adaptive hyperoxia, integrated real-time heart rate variability measurement as well as biofeedback control and, thanks to optimal noise reduction, ensures a relaxed therapy experience in a comfortable lying position.

Repetitions increase the effect of the application. We therefore offer packages and subscription models for health-conscious and performance-oriented people who want to achieve improvements on a cellular level.


When you first come to us, we start with a brief medical history and an oxygen test to assess your goals and health status. This allows us to create the optimal exercise therapy programme for you. The therapy itself takes place in a relaxed lying position. You wear an oxygen mask and the oxygen content under the mask is alternately increased and decreased. Such an interval could be compared to ascending and descending about 4000 metres in altitude several times in a row. The application itself is not strenuous. Afterwards, we check the effects on your pulse and the oxygen content of your blood.

You will spend a total of around 60 minutes in the BIOGENA PLAZA. The treatment itself lasts between 40 and 50 minutes.

Numerous studies were required for the award of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Since then, the topic of hypoxia has found more and more areas of application in medicine and research. Particularly noteworthy is mitohormesis, which leads to the activation of mitochondria and thus reduces the ageing of the body and thus reduces the likelihood of diseases developing.

Please simply click on Appointment booking and choose your desired date. The half-price introductory offer can be booked once per person. Tickets and subscriptions can be purchased on site at even better conditions.

Metabolic Air® metabolic training (IHHT) is not suitable under certain conditions:

• No use of subcutaneous medical devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, neurostimulators, medication pumps etc.)
• No thrombosis or phlebitis
• No heart disease (high blood pressure 160/100) or previous stroke
• No nerve disorders e.g., polyneuropathy, epilepsy
• Not currently pregnant
• No current strain on the immune system: flu, virus etc.
• In case of serious illnesses such as COPD, long covid, asthma etc., a release by the doctor is recommended.
• A personal mask must be used