PEMF Treatment (Magnetic Field Grounding)

PEMF therapy is based on the application of pulsating magnetic fields at different frequencies. This non-invasive method aims to influence the body's own energy flow and thus promote the regeneration of cells and tissues. The use of magnetic fields in PEMF therapy is associated with various health benefits, including improving overall vitality, reducing pain and inflammation and promoting sleep quality. The earthing technique is additionally based on the principle that contact with the earth promotes a harmonious balance in the body's energy system. Many people report an improved sense of well-being and an increased quality of sleep as a result of regular "grounding".

More information on PEMF treatment (magnetic field grounding)

The benefits for your body


Immune strengthening

Active support for immunodeficiency or illnesses.


Cell regeneration and anti-ageing

Promotes cell regeneration for greater performance and an anti-ageing effect.


Sleep quality optimization:

Improves the quality of sleep in cases of restlessness and agitation.


Metabolic support

Purification for weight and digestive problems.


Energetic balance

Grounding and inner peace during stress.


Sports regeneration

Help against sore muscles and tension after sport.

Pulsating magnetic field therapy

The sophisticated control system allows the infrared deep heat, the pulsating magnetic field and the biophoton light therapy to be set and used independently of each other. The VITORI® crystal mat has 13 different magnetic field programs and can also be set manually from 1 to 30 Hz. The pulsating magnetic field therapy in the VITORI® crystal mat generates a changing magnetic field that is not permanently static. It varies in intensity, duration and, depending on the program, even in the frequency spectrum.