Discover the promising effect of the red light spectrum, which is particularly intense during sunrise and sunset. At a time when most of our everyday life takes place indoors, our body really longs for vitalizing exposure to the sun, water, air and earth.

Our mitochondria, the biological batteries in our cells, can be charged by red and near-infrared light - be it from the natural sun or through special devices such as our HigherQI. The energy that powers our cells (ATP), plays a decisive role in all physical processes. Low ATP levels can lead to fatigue and depression, while higher levels promote feelings of happiness and increased productivity

More information on RED LIGHT TREATMENT (photobiomodulation)

The benefits for your body


Regeneration after sport

Supports training and muscle recovery for faster recovery.



Reduction of inflammation, wounds and joint pain Removal of diseased or dead cells


Immune system

Support of the body's general immune function. Activation of the white blood cells and thus increased ability to effectively combat harmful substances.



Promotes skin health and collagen formation through improved blood circulation.


Increase cell energy

Activation of cell respiration and ATP production for increased cell energy.
Minimizing of oxidative stress.


The Red Light Treatment (Photobiomodulation) beträgt lediglich 12 Minuten pro Sitzung und bietet eine Vielzahl von Vorteilen, die sich positiv auf verschiedene Aspekte unserer Gesundheit auswirken.

Discover the transformative power of the Red Light Treatment and be inspired by the connection to nature and the vitalizing effects of light. Give your cells the energy they deserve and experience a new sense of vitality and joie de vivre.