Powerhouse Training

In our innovative training program, we place particular emphasis on strengthening the deep muscles in the middle of the body by using effective magnetic field impulses. With over 25,000 targeted contractions during each training session, we not only promote muscular development, but also place a special focus on improving blood circulation in the genital area.

The pelvic floor, as the central powerhouse of the body, plays a crucial role in vital functions such as breathing, urinary function, sexual life and the nervous system. By specifically training this region, we not only support the external musculature, but also strengthen the internal structures that are essential for a healthy and balanced life.

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Stronger back muscles, reduced risk of injury, improved stability & motor balance


Back health

Relaxation and relief of the back muscles, strengthening of the back muscles, improvement of posture


After pregnancy

Rapid recovery of the pelvic floor and healing/regression of the uterus


Women's health

Improved sexual sensation and increased libido, menopausal symptoms can be positively influenced, tightening of the abdominal, buttock and thigh muscles


Men's health

Helps with erectile dysfunction/erectile dysfunction, improved blood flow to the genital area, helpful after prostate surgery (incontinence)



Helps with all types of incontinence, bladder and uterine prolapse, strengthens the holding function and improves bladder control

Activation of the deep muscles

Each training session lasts just 15 to 22 minutes, yet we offer an efficient and holistic workout that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Our method combines targeted magnetic field impulses with specific exercises to activate the deep muscles and simultaneously promote improved blood circulation in the genital area.