What is biohacking?

Biohacking means optimising one's own physical and mental performance, often through the support of technology. The aim is to make conscious changes to improve general well-being, health and cognitive functions and to stay fit.

Biohacking often involves the use of technological tools such as breathing masks, fitness trackers, special glasses and many other measuring devices. These provide insights to understand the body in order to improve it or make it more efficient.

The definition of biohacking in the broadest sense is to get to know your body and understand it so well that you can optimise it. It doesn't always take cutting-edge technologies for self-optimisation. Common methods include exercise, alternating showers, relaxation exercises, concentration exercises and methods to sleep better.

Biohacking offers in the BIOGENA PLAZA

With us you have the choice of state-of-the-art biohacking offers: Cryotherapy in the cold chambers, bone density measurements through modern ultrasound equipment and hypoxia oxygen therapies through high-tech MITOVIT® hypoxic training equipment. The results are discussed with our doctor:in team and you receive individually tailored recommendations for action to reach your full potential.

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Cryotherapy is carried out in a -110 degree cold chamber. This form of therapy is already common in top-class sport, in spa facilities and for beauty treatments. In the BIOGENA PLAZAS, cryotherapy is to be made more accessible - even before an illness and complaints occur. Cold chambers promise increased muscle circulation, activation of the cell metabolism, pain relief and improvement of the skin's appearance.

Bone density measurement

During Bone density measurement at BIOGENA PLAZA, the bones are exposed to waves above the hearing frequency range by means of a state-of-the-art ultrasound device. In comparison to other methods, the body is not exposed to radiation and the result is available immediately after the measurement. A bone density measurement serves as a preventive examination for bone diseases and is recommended for people of all ages. People are not only at risk of osteoporosis in old age, because 40% of osteoporosis-related bone fractures occur in people of working age. Therefore, take the chance and book your appointment!

Interval hypoxia-hyperoxia

We offer you the most modern form of oxygen therapy (hypoxia) through the high-tech MITOVIT® hypoxic training device, which was developed and produced in Germany. With this we can offer different oxygen therapies:

  • Interval Hypoxia-Normoxia
  • Interval hypoxia-hyperoxia
  • Adaptive hyperoxia
  • Integrated real-time heart rate variability measurement
  • Biofeedback control


Biohacking is changing your lifestyle and using technology and science to improve your body and mind. Biohacking techniques include smart biohacking devices, better nutrition and exercise to improve your wellbeing.

Biohacks can be methods that can be easily integrated into everyday life, such as exercise and sport, alternating showers, relaxation and concentration exercises, and methods to sleep better. Applications such as cryogenic cold chambers or hypoxic oxygen training are also biohacks.


It is advisable to consult medical professionals and experts before trying biohacking practices that may have potential health effects. Especially do-it-yourself biology or experimental practices can carry risk. At BIOGENA PLAZA, trained medical staff is always at your side.


Cryogenic cold chambers, ultrasound devices for bone measurement and MITOVIT® hypoxic training devices.

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